Dual RC

Cedar Falls, IA 50613



Located near Cedar Falls, IA Dual RC serves as a variety of clients across the world. We take the time to build, test, and tune aircraft so that you don't have to.



KG Aviation — Founded by Kevin Garland in Tuscon, AZ, KG Aviation sells smaller ready-to-fly autopiloted aircraft. His expertise with planes of all shapes and sizes qualifies him as an advanced instructor for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

Hex/ProfiCNC — The brains of our aircraft come from our hardware partner. The quality of the electronics plays an important role in trusting our aircraft to carry high-end sensors to deliver quality data.

Ardupilot — The open-source flight control system is developed by a team of mostly volunteer experts that keep up with the rapidly changing technological environment. They enable the hardware to function efficiently



Started in early 2017 during the boom of new fixed-wing UAS variants, Dual RC has been closely watching the UAS market. After a complete set of UAS testing was conducted in early 2018, we determined the true endurance capabilities of our airplanes. Now it is time to let you see that performance.