Dual RC
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Rethink flight times and payloads

high endurance ELECTRIC aircraft



DualRC exists to bring less expensive aircraft to the mapping industry. Founded by Nathan Eick after research and testing of twin-engine electric aircraft, DualRC offers market-leading endurance and payload from hand-launched aircraft. We focus on performance, quality, and reliability while keeping our aircraft affordable.  Take a look at our products, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!



Mapping Aircraft

Our top-of the line aircraft come ready-to-fly with autopilots, cameras, gimbals, and batteries. Here you will find our Elanus line of aircraft built on the proven efficient Believer airframe.



For those who are interested in cost-conscious performance without integrated payloads, we offer the essentials shipped quickly from our home in the midwest: Iowa.


Parts & Batteries

We do build and sell a few things that supplement your flying needs. Find those items here.